Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Articles in alphabetical order

5G kills trees, birds, squirrels
America’s Color Revolution Is Led By Major Foundations Using BLM as a Front
America's last warning – midnight hour approaching on God's prophetic clock & my comments
Amish sexual abuse & use of drugs in churches
(it harms everyone’s mental health– is big opening for negative thoughts. Butts interfere with wifi, cell calls)
Bloomberg on Guns
Bloomberg's Birthday Bikes
Citizen Journalists show empty hospitals – media is lying
Communist coup masquerading as a protest movement
Contact tracing is fraud
(kids, & anyone with blue hair) Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position\

Gates and Gov. Cuomo Take Advantage of COVID-19 and Re-Imagine the NY Education System

Genocide agenda behind 5G, virus, vaccines

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed

How to cook up a fake uprising of the people – Tomato Bubble
I Like My President
Jade Helm 15 - big military exercise that is a cover for death squads
Kindle Direct Publishing
Kissinger speech to WHO council on Eugenics on mandatory vaccinations
Linde thinks eastern Europe is flash point for WW3

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2

Messages in the Madness – comfort for Anthony Wiener, Monica & Bill, De Blasio & Bloomberg

New Study Finds Antipsychotics Don’t Prevent but Actually Cause Psychosis

President Trump will ‘lead America back to God,’ according to 1983 prophecy

Psychiatry Nazis & the Rise of the 4th Reich – interview with Jim Marrs, author of The Rise of the 4th Reich
(Putin respects Trump & Trump has said he believes he would get along with Putin. They both have common sense)
Quotes by Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Henry Ford
(mind control, genocide, atheism, world government)
RFK Jr exposes Bill Gates vaccine dictatorship plan & vaccine abuse
Rudy Giuliani sounds off on left wing takeover of policing
Spreading democracy? Spreading measles is less deadly
Steven Andrew prayer for US
The Anglo-Saxon mission – timeline – letter from a whistleblower
The father of the coronavirus is the CDC planted in China by the CIA

The Fourth Turning - How this crisis was predicted 30 years ago

The gate to heaven – cheeses and Jesus
The meaning of Never Again
(I stopped a cop from raping me by preaching to him & then forgave him)
Three states will use Apple-Google contact tracing technology for virus tracking apps
The Three Most Important Books – the King James bible, Brave New World & l984


Three states will use Apple-Google contact tracing technology for virus tracking apps
Trump refuses to fight Israel's endless wars

TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 6

US provokes Russian bear by putting nukes in Poland
Vaccines & retroviruses a whistleblower reveals what the government is hiding

Was Ghislaine Maxwell Actually Arrested? Journalist Who Discovered Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking Site Speaks Out

Weenies Don't Belong in Backsides & other things your mother never thought she'd have to tell you
What are Draconians or WHY DO BLUEBLOODS EAT HAM
Why are the World’s Top Vaccine Promoters Frantically Warning About the Frightening Dangers in Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Zionist Funding and Control of Black Lives Matters